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Way back home.png

繪本故事- Way Back Home

回家之路-Way Back Home


Crabbie needs a new home for her growing body. Where can she find one? What kind of home is suitable? Who can help her?

JUNK Monster.png
JUNK Monster.png

繪本故事- Tina and Junk Monster

媞娜和垃圾食物妖怪-Tina and Junk Monster


What did Tina, who enjoys junk food, do? Why did the monster keep chasing after her? What could she do to get rid of it?

Keep bacteria away.png
Keep bacteria away.png

繪本故事-Keep Bacteria Away

細菌滾開-Keep Bacteria Away

瑠和凱文是死黨。有一天瑠突然沒來上學, 凱文打了電話,那一頭傳來瑠哽咽的聲音,有什麼天大的秘密嗎?

Leo and Kevin are bosom friends. One day Leo was suddenly absent from school. Kevin called and he heard Leo sobbing over the phone…. What was the mystery?

Keep bacteria away.png

繪本故事-My Magic Hands

你看我的手-My Magic Hands


Bonnie has magic hands. She uses them to plays games and to do different jobs. But now she is ill. What other magic can she do with her hands to help?

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